• Delivery of the perfect product that meets all specifications

  • Fully consolidated approach in supply chain management to shorten the lead time

  • Competitive pricing (package)

  • Local on-the-ground pre-shipment loading inspections in China

  • Free working capital

  • Guaranteed Product warranty 

  • Intellectual property protection

What we offer

Product Sourcing

China-based sourcing is our bread and butter. Our many years experiences working with 200 factories is to be capitalized ......  >>> more

Product design & manufacturing

We manufacture to exact specifications....multi-phased QC during the production to ensure consistency and product integrity.  >>> more


What we do

Industrial Castings

we are an industrial supplier who can get you the product, the price, the quality, and the timing you need. we support your business performance and product development as follows:
  • help to achieve the lowest possible cost of goods and the most efficiency in logistics

  • help inventors reduce tooling costs, prototype expenses, and shorten times to the market after you develop your new product

  • commit to being a reliable and professional product supplier

  • help reduce your working capital to keep you ahead of your competition

  • help OEM sourcing of custom components including difficult to manufacture parts, challenging designs and tough tolerance products. 24/7 contact with factory

  • take small volume as well as very high volume orders.

cost reduction solutions

Are you frustrated by increasing costs? Think smart by working with USPro now before reviewing your next bidding proposal  >>> more

If you haven't used our resources and specialization, we're here to help you. Maintaining your cost of goods and keeping product development at the lowest cost is a smart way of ensuring that your business operation is successful – and ahead of the competition.

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